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Reiki Training Nepal

Learn Reiki In Nepal at our Reiki Camp 5 Day Intensive Training. 

Level 1 to Master-Teacher Certification.   International Center for Reiki  Training Manual & Curriculum.


Reiki Camp 2014 will be held June 12 – 17, 2014  at Shreebahn Nature Camp.

Tuition Fee:  $1200

To Sign Up for Reiki Camp Nepal
Please reserve your space by clicking the button below, and filling out the form. You will be required to pay an online deposit of 20% (plus applicable fees) to reserve your space in this class.

This online form shows the entire Reiki Camp fee of $!200; however at time of booking you will only be required to pay deposit of $240. Please fill out the application as prompted. Remaining balance for class is due upon arrival in Kathmandu the day prior to Reiki Camp start.


What is Reiki?
The easiest way that to explain it in general terms is like this:  The power that we use in martial arts, the “qi” (pronounced chee), is the same power we use in Reiki to heal.  Indeed the “ki” in Reiki is the Japanese word for “qi.”    But just like Kung Fu, or Karate, we must first learn to where the energy comes from, how to find it and empower it within ourselves and finally, how to use it to help others.  The origins of Reiki come from Tibetan medicine and energy integration into natural healing with herbs.

Reiki is an esoteric tradition, but with Dr. Hiyashi’s medical discipline and background, he was able to bridge the mystic and medical sides of this healing technique through correlation with the endocrine and nervous systems in the body.   The manual we use at Reiki Camp Nepal, gives thorough explanation as to how the chakras, nadis, and energy points of the body relate to and stimulate important glands and organs within our endocrine system.


Reiki Training Camp in Nepal

This and much, much more is what you will learn in our week long Reiki Training Camp at beautiful Shreebahn Nature Camp in Nepal.    What better place to harness the energy of the universe and use it to heal first yourself and then others than surrounded by the breathtaking Nepal Himalaya and her special spiritual culture.  Indeed, Nepal is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, who is important to the history of Reiki.

What You Will Learn

Reiki Masters at Reiki Camp Nepal teach with the International Center for Reiki Training‘s Level I, II, III & Master-Teacher Training Manuals.   This training is appropriate for those who want to start their own practice, work in holistic hospitals, or teach Reiki.  By the end of the program you will be a certified Reiki Master – Teacher.    We recommend that you practice Reiki at least 3 -5 years before teaching, but learning  and using this energy is unique to each student, and some may be ready sooner or later.  As with all things Reiki, you will know when you are aligned and ready to teach.


ICRT Reiki Training Manual

Includes – 5 Days Training, Meditation Practice, Reiki Practical Exams, Intro to Tibetan Singing Bowls, History and Practical uses,  Reiki Level I, II, III & Master-Teacher Certification; Transportation from/to Kathmandu, Nepal to Camp; lodging and meals while training.

Does Not Include: Air transportation, insurance, bar bills, or food for special diets* or extras.

*Most food at Reiki Camp will be vegetarian, and based on traditional Nepali diet – a healthy break from Western eating habits which can interfere with “ki.”

Do you want private Reiki Training in Nepal?  We can hold classes for individuals or small groups at various locations in Kathmandu, Bandipur, and Pokhara.



To Sign Up Email Us:

We will send you sign up information for Reiki Camp Nepal, and deposit invoice to hold your space for this class.



Suzy Rigg at Reiki Camp

Suzy Rigg journals about her experience at Reiki Camp Nepal

“The Reiki Camp at Bimalnagar, Nepal: We camped by the river with breath-taking views all around. This location has a really mystical quality to it, which makes it ideal for learning reiki, meditating and relaxing. Everything was provided for us including superb food, a roaring campfire at night, and great company – you really couldn’t ask for more. Activities such as hiking and caving were also offered and added to the adventurous nature of this trip. I wanted to learn Reiki for some time but was waiting for the ‘right’ teacher, which I was delighted to find in Nepal. I could not recommend this class more highly; this three-day trip will stay with me for a lifetime! ” – Suzanne Rigg, PhD; Scotland – Reiki I & II Student, 2010


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