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Here’s Why Yoga is A Must Do in 2020

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Personal Fitness New Year, New You and New Routines: Change your mind, body and spirit for 2020! By: Samantha Velazquez Make the most of you new year’s resolutions by learning more about Yoga! Have you tried or have you thought about trying Yoga? Yes? Perfect! You couldn’t...
volunteer nurse with baby on Medical Trek Nepal

Go Abroad! 2019 Medical Volunteering Opportunity in Nepal

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How do you Volunteer in Nepal? Have you ever wanted to travel with a purpose? Are you a student or someone interested in the Medical Field?— Check out this great Medical Volunteer Opportunity hosted by Trekt Himalaya… Medical Trek Nepal is unique trekking experience...
Travel to Nepal visa and tourist information

Nepal Arrival – Visa and Customs

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Getting Your Visa on Arrival to Nepal – Customs and Luggage Claim Procedures  March 2020 Update – Due to coronavirus, some countries have been restricted and will not receive visa on arrival.   Check the Nepal Tourism Board website for more details. Visa on Arrival Most...
social entrepreneurship sandra bk

Social Entrepreneurship as Responsible, Sustainable Tourism for Nepal

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“A charity dollar only has one life. A social business dollar can be invested over and over again.” – Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate   Why I Believe in Social Entrepreneurship Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you why I think social entrepreneurship is the best option...
Nepali Daal Bhat Meal

How to Make Nepali Food – “Daal Bhat” with Curry

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How to make Nepali Food: Daal Bhat Thakali with meat (masu) option Nepal has a staple diet of Daal Bhat (lentils and rice) usually served with a vegetable curry, and sometimes meat curry. Nepalis eat this delicious staple meal 2 times per day (around 10am and 8pm) and really...

Med Trek Nepal Blog wins Top 100 Hiking Blogs on the Planet Award

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Award Winning Himalayan Medical Trek Blog Awarded Spot in TOP 100 Hiking Blogs The internationally popular blog posts by U.S. and Nepal based Trekt Himalaya and Medical Trek Nepal have been awarded a spot in the Top 100 Hiking Blogs Every Hiker Must Follow by Feedspot, a web...

Nepal Trekking Volunteers – Arrival To Nepal

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Ready for Arrival in Nepal? Last Minute Tips! Namaste Trekkers! Just about 2 weeks until you arrive in Kathmandu. We are very excited to meet all of you. Here are a few last minute details to help you prepare for your trek and give you an idea of what to expect: Travel Tip...
Everest Base Camp Nepal

How to Trek to Everest Base Camp on Your Own without a Trekking Guide

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Do you want to try trekking to Everest Base Camp on your own?   This How to DIY Everest Base Camp Trek Guide will help you get there! It is always best to take a local guide while trekking or traveling in Nepal, but I get it… sometimes you just want to do it yourself! If you have...
Volunteer Nepal Teaching Trek -

How to Volunteer in Nepal

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How Do I Get Started? One of the biggest questions that we have in today’s society is “how do I get started?” or “where do I start”. Luckily, we have the amazing internet and I am here to answer as much of those questions that pertain to volunteerism in Nepal. Nepal is an...

How to Pack for Nepal Treks

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Get our printable packing list here: Packing List_TREKT Himalaya Or, use this list to plan your Nepal trekking, rafting or other trips. Packing light, but smart is essential for trips to Nepal. Whether you are on a Himalayan trek, river rafting or kayaking expedition or jungle...