TREKT Himalaya - Mission Treks in Nepal

We want you to meet our team at TREKT Himalaya (with Hardcore Nepal and BK Adventure).   As some of you know, our company is dedicated to training and hiring guides from the dalit castes so that they may break free of their traditional caste role, and have a chance at a profession that provides a better income and quality of life. Read more here…

Our guides set an example for other marginalized young people and help their families and villages overcome caste discrimination.   We are happy to have a diverse team of guides from all walks of life proudly working with our adventure travel companies TREKT Himalaya, LLC and Hardcore Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Why I started Medical Trek Nepal… And why I need YOU on this trek! 

Sandra Krasa BK, Founder and Trekking Director – Sandra is the founder of TREKT Himalaya/Hardcore Nepal & Medical Trek Nepal Volunteers.  She loves to tell you as much as she can about traveling in the Himalaya or trips to Nepal, so be sure to email her before you plan your trip.  If you are interesting in volunteering and adventure, Sandra loves to tell tourists why programs like Medical Trek Nepal and Teaching Trek Nepal are better sustainable solutions for Nepal’s economy.  She encourages questions and emails. Also check out her blog posts dedicated to Nepal travel at TREKT Himalaya and Hardcore Nepal.

Sandra is currently working on research for the sustainability of UNESCO World Heritage sites, an international project through Rollins College, USA.  She is a also professor of Public Relations at Full Sail University and is an award-winning documentary filmmaker (HBO Award for Best Short Documentary – “Ocoee; Legacy of the Election Day Massacre”).  A social entrepreneur and intrepid adventurer, Sandra is our team guru for “how to” travel.

Ang Chhoti Sherpa - Medical Volunteer Guide Medical Trek NepalAng Chhoti Sherpa – Medical Coordinator; Nepal Volunteer Medical Guide

Ang Chhoti was originally a nurse translator for the original medical treks in 2012.  She quickly became a permanent and important member of our team.  Chhoti was instrumental in organizing the Emergency Medical Treks after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.  Since then she has become our head nurse and medical coordinator for Medical Trek Nepal.  She graciously hosts our incoming Medical Trekkers making sure they get picked up on arrival, get to their volunteer hospital placements, and most importantly, she makes sure everyone has a great time on Medical Trek Nepal and Teaching Trek Nepal.  Chhoti is the heart and soul of this organization.  Make sure to give her a friendly, “Tashi Delek” greeting in her native Sherpa language.





Ramesh BK founder of BK AdventureRamesh BK – Hardcore Nepal & TREKT Himalaya
Ramesh is the co-owner (with wife, Sandra Krasa BK) of Hardcore Nepal / TREKT Himalaya and one of the best all around guides for everything adventure you can find – anywhere.  He’s most well-known for his rock climbing clinics and kayak bootcamp.

Ramesh is a native of Chitwan, Nepal and has worked as a kayaking and climbing instructor in Nepal, India and USA.  He is also a guide for our bi-annual Medical Treks.  He is devoted to serving Nepal and the Dalit caste to help the underserved in his native land.

He is also the owner of BK Adventure Eco Tours, a Florida, USA company that specialized in showing tourists the outdoor wonders of Florida.  Ramesh’s company is well-known for its Florida Bioluminescent Kayaking tours in summer.



Sabin Mishra – Manager of TREKT Himalaya, Nepal Office 

Sabin came on as manager of TREKT Himalaya in 2016.  He is a great asset to our team.  After completing college in Singapore, he returned to his home country of Nepal and worked as a construction foreman.  However, the life of adventure bit him… And how could it not in the great Himalayan nation where adventure abounds!  Sabin volunteered his time training himself for 6 months as a volunteer guide (yes, volunteering in the true sense) before he became the manager of TREKT Himalaya.  His great work ethic and personality make him an excellent trekking manager.  Sabin works hard to make sure our guests have everything for their trek organized.  He goes the extra mile for everyone.  He is almost like a tourism super-hero as he finds missing bags in the airport, finds transportation in the middle of nowhere for sick tourists, and manages to take people where no trekkers have gone before!



Binod BK - Canyoning and Kayaking Guide in Training

Binod BK is a trainee from our 2012 program. Like many in the Bishwakarma caste, his family are metalworkers and craftsmen. He is now a trekking, canyoning and rock climbing guide.

Binod BKAdventure Guide 

Binod comes from the region of Chitwan. He was part of our training program at Hardcore Nepal Adventures that specializes in recruiting and training guides from the dalit castes.  Binod joined our company in 2012 and has been instrumental to the success of not only Hardcore Nepal, but also TREKT Himalaya’s Medical Treks.    Like many Nepalis, he is a natural climber, and hardcore kayaker.  If you see Binod on your trip, be sure to ask him about his village and home.  He loves sharing cultural insights with our clients and is awesome at cooking the Daal Bhat!




volunteer nepal director assistantChristian Atalig,  Assistant Director for Trekt Himalaya – USA Office

Christian is someone whom you would describe as full of life.  His smile never seems to rest and he believes that there is great potential in everybody.   His kind heart reflects in his actions and he is always striving to do better.

Right after he completed his term with AmeriCorps NCCC, he got a job as a zip line adventure guide where he met Ramesh.  Ramesh saw the good in his character and referred him to Sandra as one of the potential candidates for Sandra’s new assistant.  Needless to say, he got the job!  Today he focuses on the satisfaction of the clients and attends to their needs.  He helps manages the workflow of the office and also works closely with our media relations specialist.  We are glad to have him as a part of the team and know that he will excel in everything he does.


Have a question? Contact Christian through



1473056_10152062355435908_776228362_nAudra Espinoza,  Media Specialist/Public Relations Representative for Trekt Himalaya – USA Office

Audra is a beautiful, bright, and expressive young lady with great ambitions to change the world. She is from Venezuela and is currently pursuing an MBA in marketing.  Luckily for us, she began to utilize her skill sets in our USA Trekt Himalaya office.  She came to us looking for an internship and, among some other applicants, she knew how to shine.  Audra manages our Public Relations and ensures that people are aware of the great opportunities offered by Trekt Himalaya. She strongly believes in the sense of identity and pride that volunteering offers to helpers and in the welcoming thanks that Nepalese are willing to give to everyone who helps them with real noble purposes.  So, we are very happy to have her in our team! She knows how to get things done!


Other Guides We Really Like

These are some of the Nepal guides from other companies that we really respect, love to work with and would send any of our  friends to.  Some of them work with us as freelance guides, or partner companies.   We will update this as we have more experiences with great people. Some of them work exclusively for their Nepal trekking and tour companies, others work as freelance guides in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India so request them if you can!

Endra Rai – He is our climbing guru. He actually encouraged us and helped us start our company in 2009. Endra is an Everest summiter and owner of Rafting Star Tour Company.

Endra Rai – Himalayan Ecstasy and Rafting Star.  Endra is our “Rock Climbing Guru” – he taught our original team of climbers for Hardcore Nepal.  He is an Everest summiter and Peak Climbing Instructor for Lobuche and Imjo Tse.

We would recommend Endra Rai and his teams for any type of expeditions and special outfitting for Nepal.  For example, we recently recommended him to an Australian film crew who were make a film about honey hunting in Nepal. If we can’t do it, Endra Rai can!

Endra has eight years of guiding experience in Nepal, India, Tibet and abroad. This has given him a wide range of experience on rivers and in the Himalaya leading clients. He has the advantage of having a true spirit of adventure, multi-skills and experience, not losing clients along the way. Appreciation of the flora/fauna/culture/customs make him an interesting guide too. He never fails to keep you cheerful and lighten your mood, however tough the going gets. Interesting and fun, he’s very charming, with his typical Nepalese sense of humour………
“Life is like Liquid Logic.” -Endra