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Nepali Daal Bhat Meal

How to Make Nepali Food – “Daal Bhat” with Curry

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How to make Nepali Food: Daal Bhat Thakali with meat (masu) option Nepal has a staple diet of Daal Bhat (lentils and rice) usually served with a vegetable curry, and sometimes meat curry. Nepalis eat this delicious staple meal 2 times per day (around 10am and 8pm) and really...
Nepal Volunteers - Learn to Eat Daal Bhat with Hands

Food in Nepal – It’s polite to eat with your hands!

Remember your mother saying, “get your fingers off that food!” Or something similar? Most westerners grow up being told NOT to eat with their hands, but when you travel to Nepal, get ready for some finger-licking Nepali Thali! It’s actually polite to eat with...